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American Police VS UK Police

I’m gonna hurl.

This is completely unrepresentative of the UK Police. Perhaps they don’t have guns but they are still violent, brutal thugs who will beat you and arrest you for nothing. And yes, they do have weapons.

The Police are bastards in the UK too! 

I speak from experience. 

Police in Northern Ireland are lovely.o-o I’ve never witnessed or met a nasty one, or one who abused their power. Just one somewhat rude police woman but thats it.


Yeah.. Those super duper friendly UK police who don’t ever hurt anyone or do anything wrong. Can’t believe US cops have guns!!!  No UK cops would ever have guns! Those are outlawed!!!!

Fucking ridiculous Tumblr bullshit.

I’m not a fucking RAH RAH ‘MURICA ID DAH BEST!! kinda guy, but holy shit at least be aware of what the fuck you’re talking about.

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